Gold versus Gold Stocks (GLD, GDX) Plus Charles Goyette Interviews

I’m always surprised when I hear people say that they are going to play gold by trying to own gold stocks. The same can be said for crude oil. The best way to play the commodity, is the purest play: Buy the commodity.

Commodity companies may have hedged their production several years out and will not participate in any rally in the gold, for example. And buying a diversified basket does you no good either. It just dilutes the opportunity further. Plus, you have to deal with the stock market.

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Gold is Gold – Michael Martin


The Price of Gold is a referendum on the US Dollar. – Charles Goyette


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Watch the interview I did with Charles Goyette in February of this year about his book The Dollar Meltdown.

Listen to the podcast interview I did with Charles Goyette a little over a year ago.

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