Victor Sperandeo on Mid-Term Election Results & What They Mean For Markets

I called Victor early this morning because I wanted to get his undivided attention on the mid-term Election results. Here are a few snippets, but you should listen to the podcast for the full brunt.

Although the Stock Trader’s Almanac 2011 suggests otherwise, Victor does not think the current White House / Congress combo is doing to do anything for the stock market.

“We still will not have a vibrant, strong economy if people cannot overcome the system…the Marxist, Liberal system holding back the United States,” he said. This is exactly what I was getting at in my post at the Communist Manifesto, The Huffington Post What Choice Do We Have In November? We’re Not Free No Matter Who Wins.

“Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are Marxists. Boxer and Brown? Oh my god. You can kiss the CA Muni bond market goodbye. They are not going to get a bailout,” he stressed.

I asked him to put a handicap on The Stock Trader’s Almanac research that suggests that a Democratic White House and Republican Congress has resulted in an almost 20% rise in the stock market. “No chance.” And that’s in the face of the fact that there has not been a down year in the market during the third year of the President’s term in the last 72 years!

The worst “third” year was under Hoover in 1931, when both the White House and both chambers of Congress were Republican: The Dow was off over 50% and the S&P was down 47.1% according to the Stock Trader’s Almanac 2011

In what could be a foreshadowing, Hoover and the Congress passed the Federal Home Loan Bank Act into law in 1932, to spur new home construction, and reduce foreclosures. The plan seemed to work, as foreclosures dropped, but it was seen as too little, too late.

When you put enough people who would otherwise be on the dole, on the ever-expanding government payroll, you will always get re-elected because not getting elected means no more government grilled cheese.

Government will never become smaller unless there is a revolution.

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  • tt

    it ain’t marxism. it is corporate fascism.

    if obama and pelosi are marxists, than i am willie mays.

    typical libertarian error. they don’t understand corp fascism. it includes use of unions.

  • Manuelbravochico

    Who knows how tight the correlation is between pot holes and CA muni bust but here’s an observation.
    I have to sell my my sports sedan because the low profile tires/suspension are not designed to roll on pot hole infested streets. I’ve got big dents in my rims and the alignment needs to be adjusted every 6 months.

    Conclusion of Cost Benefit Analysis= Hybrid SUV is most suitable car, at least for LA, after incurring tire,rim, and alignment costs.

  • Anonymous

    plus, you spill your Peet’s all over the inside of the SUV…