Timothy Ferriss: The 4-Hour Body Book Review

Massive change is possible if you have the intention. I admit, having the intention and no strategy can sometimes become emotionally taxing, that’s where determination and persistence come into play.

Tim Ferriss has distilled everything he knows and has experienced through his life and research into a detail-oriented book on personal health calledThe 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman.

I consider this a reference book. As such, you should buy the hardcover so you can get at the material easily. Have you ever tried doing research for a blog post or book that you’re writing with the Kindle or iPad? They are horrible at best for such endeavors.

For the trading community, if you are trading profitably, it’s probably because you have a measurable amount of discipline. That’s great because once you read what Ferriss has in store for you diet and workout-wise, you’ll see massive results within the first 30 days. That will help you build momentum, for which the lack of is the single largest reason people don’t stick with new diets or workout routines. Don’t change too much too soon.

The emotional and financial benefits to you can be staggering.

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I wrote about Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Body at The Huffington Post.

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  • Manuelbravochico

    IMHO, at least half the traders I know could lose a few pounds. Yes, 50% if not more. Sitting in a chair looking at screens doesn’t make you lose weight. If you starring at screen for more than a 4 hours/day , you probably don’t have to. ie box watching….

    My guess is that if they did get in better shape, most of them would probably trade better. I don’t think if they lost those extra pounds they would trade worse.

    Permanently losing weight is a daunting task. ie most diets fail. Perhaps Ferriss has a better approach by taking small steps to keep the weight off.

  • Anonymous

    speak for yourself Ocho Cinco…

  • Gavin Murphy

    My flawless physique has never helped me trade. Looking forward to the book though. No doubt there will be an ‘extended’ edition in about a year…

  • Jdbrown371

    I have a simple program for fat loss that always works unless someone has Cushing’s syndrome. (1) Eat 1800-2000 calories of nutrient dense food. Only eat/buy food you can trust, this means form a relationship with the people producing your food. Find some local foods group or read Weston a. Price’s work . People can learn to be happy with less food. Real food is more expensive but it tastes better. Never overeat. (2) Get adequate sleep. Translation, go to bed instead of sitting up all night watching TV. (3) Do some form of exercise you actually like, push yourself occasionally and avoid injury. Lastly, love handles and excess fat really sucks but you really don’t need six pack abs, just being lean and strong is fine.