Street Freak Jared Dillian Podcast Interview


Jared Dillian’s brain worked very differently from most of his colleagues. He had what I’d call these emotional tectonic plates inside his head that would shift in an instant. When they shifted, they’d tremor so hard, they’d make the fault lines along the San Andreas Fault sit up straight…and that’s not counting what happened as a result from his trading.

Dillian describes his personal journey in one of the most revealing memoirs I’ve read in the past decade. He is a very genuine person and his recent book Street Freak: Money & Madness at Lehman Brothers is written with a great deal of candor. I recommend you read the book — it’s written with a great deal of honesty and you can hear it come through in the podcast.

“Throughout most my adult life, I’d always felt that I experienced things differently from other people. I felt more. Instead of getting sad, I would get really sad. Despondent. Instead of being happy, I would be delirious. I would laugh, and everybody would turn around to look at the crazy man. Now here I was, crying in the middle of Seventh Avenue. But there was no reason for the crying. I was just walking down the street, and I fell to pieces.” – from Street Freak

Dillian is the publisher of the Daily Dirt Nap Newsletter, which continues the success of the market letter he wrote for his clients over the Bloomberg while at Lehman.

Jared, Aaron Brown and I are speaking at Columbia University on February 13, 2012 for an event called the Financial Engineering Practitioners Seminar

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