Scott Patterson Dark Pools Podcast

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I spoke with pro journo Scott Patterson today about his new book Dark Pools.

Scott is a reporter with the Wall St. Journal and he also wrote a great book a few years ago called The Quants.

Dark Pools answers the question “How did we get here?” and you’re going to be surprised how little you really know about what goes on in the world of trading today.

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  • Michael

    This is an incredible interview. I really enjoyed the conversation and I’ll be listening to it again tomorrow. There was so much content here that was amazing. I am looking forward to reading Scott Patterson’s book. 

    You’re a fantastic interviewer.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

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  • Marlene

    Great interview. I loved The Quants and am looking to pick up Dark Pools. 

    I wish I hadn’t lost money a single day since ’02 haha. 

  • martinkronicle

    Scott Patterson is a great author and great guy to boot. Thank you.

    Author, The Inner Voice of Trading