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China has to import 4 times the amount of corn it can grow itself just for hog feed. Unless the demand for pork has declined I don’t see how they will cut corn imports by a whopping 60%?

Stay long my friends..

Record harvest to cut Chinese corn imports by 60%

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Go through these and see how many of them apply to you. This was not written for trading specifically, but in another sense it was.

The Top 10 Things Successful People Do To Reach Their Dreams

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I’m reading They Became What They Beheld at the moment by the late anthropologist Edmund Carpenter, and I came across this awesome passage:

Inner Experience

Coleridge, De Quincy, Baudelair, Rimbaud used drugs to dislocate perception & reorganize their imaginative lives. They wantded to get out of the boundaries and patterns of perception as they experienced it in their own culture in order to discover new images. They all had the ambition to discover new worlds of perception, new worlds of sensibility.

“We were the first who ever burst into that silent sea.” Coleridge

In many tribes the youth seeking insight goes apart from his fellows and lives for a time in the wilderness, fasting and praying.

“If he is the proper sort, he will return with a message from the god he set out to seek, but even if he fails in that particular, he will have had a vision or seen a marvel — and these are always worth listening to and thinking about.”

When natives tell of such experiences, they rarely mention things seen. They refer to experiences felt, to “inner voices.” Clearly, such experiences aren’t primarily visual. Insight is more appropriate than “vision”; hearer or feeler is more accurate than “seer.”

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Corn prices have grown almost 4% yet the number of contracts that professionals are NET LONG have also grown by 6,000 contracts week ending July 31.

It also looks like more and more of the shorts are covering as well.

Here is the daily Dec Corn chart with July 31 indicated by the red lines.

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