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"This is a great book for novice and experienced traders. Soaking up its wisdom distilled from experience and introspection will help you become more successful. And that's true even if it doesn't make you a penny." --Aaron Brown, AQR

To get big success in your life, you have to take risks. Reward is congruent with risk. Same goes for becoming a trader.

If you are trying to become a trader, go for it. What is at risk really…capital or your ego? You have nothing to lose, and if you do lose a little capital, you can think of it as your tuition on your journey to finding out what is best for you.

In that regard, you might get away much cheaper than some of the others who’ve keep banging their heads on the wall.

Taking big risks does not mean acting recklessly either. It means taking a chance on something that can materially change your life for the better. Measure the risk and know what you’re in for before you take the risk. At that point, you can determine how you will be affected emotionally, and maybe financially, if things don’t work out BEFORE you take the chance.

The fear of an unfavorable outcome does not stop me, because it’s really about the uncertainty of the outcome rather than the fear of it not turning out how I imagined it in my head intellectually.

In fact, I’ve come to love the uncertainty of these situations in life because I trust in myself and I have a history of stepping up, delivering, and being spontaneously awesome on my feet.

I don’t want to look back on my life and say “wow, I wish I had asked her out” or “I wish I had done something else with my life.”

Don’t be the fisherman on the dock of life who has nothing but the regrets of the big ones that got away.

If you have something in your life that you are daydreaming about – take a chance. If your intentions are pure, chances are things will work out for you in your endeavors.

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Freddie Mercury would have been 65 today. He was completely original and unfathomably talented. Here is the Google Doodle tribute to him on his birthday.

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“Sure, there are a lot of ‘values’ in the market now…”


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Victor and I are teaching another Master Class in the fall. Email me if you’re interested. Details to follow.

In the meantime, Victor wrote an article called “The Fed’s Philosopher King” for the American Spectator magazine.

“In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx listed ten absolute principles for overturning capitalism. Number five on his list is the most relevant when discussing the Federal Reserve: “Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.””

It only gets better from there…

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