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“I’ll have the two-shot methylpyridinium please…no room, no sugar.”

The study in the video seems to reflect or amplify what had been reported back in 2003 about the effects of coffee on colon cancer.

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The performance between levered (high portfolio heat) and non-levered funds was not materially different. So why decrease leverage then?

“The study also points out that although funds employing leverage usually experience greater volatility, the difference in performance between leveraged and non-leveraged funds since 2005 is not statistically significant.”

Investors don’t want high daily volatility in their account balances. In order to achieve that, funds and managed accounts need to cut the portfolio heat and trade smaller. Emerging CTA and managers take heed.

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Morgan Stanley thinks this is a short-lived rally in a longer-term down trend.

What do you think? I know that for analysts, predictions and forecasts are their currency, so to speak. And although I don’t think they prevaricate, the price never lies.

What say ye?

Hat tip: Business Insider

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I’ve known Sandor for several years and he was amenable to give me some of his time at the Milken Global Conference. He was on a panel called “The Commodities Boom.” No one interrupted him…

Sandor invented interest rate futures in the 1970s and then went on to found the Chicago Climate Exchange in 2003. It was sold to The ICE in 2010.

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“Win or lose, everyone gets what they want from the banjo.”

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